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Belbin Australia

Belbin Australia is the Official Distributor of Belbin products and services within Australia. We have been honoured to be appointed by our long-time friend and mentor in all things Belbin, Dr David Marriott, as a Belbin Regional Representative.

Dr Marriott is a Director of Belbin Australia, founder of the Applied Psychology Unit and also a Regsitered Psychologist using Belbin tools and a raft of credible psychometric profiles and approaches for team and leadership development.

Dr Marriott has worked with the founder of the Belbin Team Role Model, and Father of modern Team Role Theory, Dr Meredith Belbin, since 1978. He was also heavily involved with the early research and development that refined the model both in the UK and in Australia in the early 1980's. He is therefore one of the most experienced practitioners with the Belbin model in the world.

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