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Belbin Accreditation Australia

Belbin Accreditations in Australia seem to be on the rise as more professionals seek to deploy the Belbin Model for profiles, team reports, job reports and workshops of their own.

The 2 day Accreditation Course in the Belbin Model is a comprehensive way to become trained in not just the theory of Belbin / Team Role Theory, but also the many practical uses of the model such as team and leadership development, personal development, change management, culture change, conflict resolution, job selection and much more.

Becoming accredited is a valuable capability and globally recognised certification for HR and L&D professionals, team building providers, consultants or executives seeking a great tool for profiling and development.

Sabre can also back up the course with follow-on support and sales of full eInterplace 7 systems for clients to generate their own Belbin profiles and reports ongoing. This offers lasting value and a great internal capability.

As an officially appointed Belbin Australia Representative Sabre Corporate Development can provide the 2 Day Belbin Accreditation Course.

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