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The value of team building and leadership development in a post GFC world.

Lots of “Team Talk”, but organisations will still succeed or fail one relationship at a time!

Business leaders and teams still face the complexities of a post GFC landscape. The customary articles and talk of “teamwork” and “leadership” as a pivotal component of enabling innovation and recovery are also in abundance.

People naturally seek better team based approaches to innovation and execution to thrive in a complex world, but is anyone really addressing the core of what makes themselves and their teams tick? This is surely what will either enable success or disastrously undermine any gains they hope to make post GFC?

Mark Twain said that “everyone talks about the weather, but nobody actually does anything about it” and perhaps much the same can be said of many approaches to teamwork and leadership in large organisations.

Many people talk a great deal about teamwork and leadership but how often is anything of substance actually being done to develop teams and leaders? Teams and organisations really do succeed or fail one relationship at a time and the all important “people bit” gets ignored at an organisation’s peril.

The new realities of robust competition, fluidity and uncertainty require fast and effective team decision making and adaptability that simply cannot be delivered without “real teams” and “real leadership”. We believe that ROI worthy outcomes in team effectiveness are created only when authenticity is established and when actions and behaviours are built upon a pragmatic understanding of self and others.

This has to be delivered in the in the context of knowing what really makes our team tick and how it can be used to enhance daily communication and execution. Professional and user friendly diagnostics to be undertaken with the right tools before creating highly tailored follow through solutions that are pragmatic and can be implemented daily.

Organisations need to treat team and leadership development as more than just a flashy off-site away from the office, or some nicely printed cards with the shiny new values printed on them but rather as an ongoing and mission critical process.

Great “one off” team building events can be provided that offer serious fun with some serious meaning as required, but if lasting outcomes for people and teams are required then more than just a simple “one off” event should be considered. As always, we will be delighted to speak about tailoring something to suit your needs.

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