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"Strength through Partnership", a common theme in business strategy. How can we bring this to life?

"Strength through Partnership" is a common theme for business strategy these days, and can be brought to life with the right team building games and approaches.

Teams and businesses succeeed or fail one partnership / relationship at a time and the quality with which relationships and partnerships are husbanded will make a big difference to what is achieved by any team or organisation.

Sabre’s team challenges, business games and simulations all incorporate this factor in real time as teams must enable different partnerships to form internally and / or externally to enable the deployment of different skills, capabilities and insights into the challenge at hand to get the job done. These are far more sophisticated than simple conference team building activities.

Prosperity and success in such team challenges ultimately comes from identifying that “Strength through Partnership”, the harnessing of that diversity through alliance and alignment, is the only way to go to beat the competition and prosper in challenging environments.

Loss of focus, division and disunity will simply not work. Partnership and team unity will bring about greater levels of achievement and success.

The short list of options in brief (more detailed description are in the body of this website)...

High quality indoor business game based on the success of The Roman Empire The Roman Empire’s power, longevity and profitability was derived in great measure from successful internal and external partnerships that were leveraged in a skilful and timely manner to build, consolidate and maintain empire. In the absence of partnership in this game between the different functions of the Roman elite (Senators, Generals, Traders, Artisans etc) destructive internal competition and loss of opportunity and profit will ensue.

The Game

A large scale “out and about” living board game around a major CBD location, for example Melbourne. Team members are challenged with the throw of dice to embark upon numerous paths of opportunity and challenge around the city. Some challenges will require solo team activity that still relies heavily upon internal partnerships to succeed, and others may require partnerships to be formed between teams to enable higher levels of achievement of profitability.

A giant masterpiece produced through partnership in actionA strong team may be able to produce a work of art in this challenge, but only by forming strong and effective partnerships between teams will giant masterpieces be possible. Teams start off with their own individual canvasses, but quickly realise that partnership and cross-functional collaboration with other teams will enable them to create huge masterpieces. Partnerships that work will lead to a lasting masterpiece.

Leverage off the different skills of your partners to be profitable.

Each team starts off with rare gems, a budget and some valuable market intelligence and information about the competitive global gem trade. Different partners within the team will need to leverage that information in a timely manner along with their ability to trade and negotiate with other teams to come out and top and avoid market pitfalls.

A live action military strategy game where strong partnership is essential for victoryIn the deadly complexity of modern manoeuvre warfare strong partnerships and alliances (both internal between different unit types and military elements and externally between major arms of the military and external partners) are essential for survival. To optimise firepower and make most profitable use of resources strong partnerships will need to be formed early and maintained throughout the game to profitably defeat the opponent.

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