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Creative conference team building with "The Agency".

We have noticed a recent spike of interest in our film based events and programmes for conference and off-site team building. In particular "The Agency" it seems.

The approach of making TV Ads is just such a flexible "Trojan Horse" for the inclusion of many company, cultural and other themes and values that it offers a nice clean slate for us to tailor it into a conference agenda for either fun or learning.

We have deployed it recently as part of pure conference fun and entertainment with many laughs being delivered at an "Oscars style" awards that carries into a dinner. A nice use of a conference budget also to effectively get a great activity and the evening entertainment in one package.

It has also been used in its more sophisticated team and leadership development format in tandem with Team and Leadership DNA programmes. In these instances the activity construct is far more complex that the simple conference event, and requires a higher standard of planning, role allocation, time management and execution.

As a real time project with deadlines and measurable outcomes this activity also serves its purpose well.

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