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PD and Networking for Associations

PD and Networking for Associations

Tailored and sophisticated approaches for Professional Development and Networking at Association Conferences.

Networking Games - Team Building

Tailored Content for Associations


Sabre is uniquely placed to design and deliver great interactive games and also quality PD content for Association Meetings.


Large Industry and Professional Association conferences are not typically in the market for classic ‘team building’. The audiences are of course normally composed of professionals from many different organisations. 


The requirement for these agendas is more targeted towards professional development and networking outcomes that would enable accelerated networking to occur during the agenda, and for people to take back some useful insights to their own teams and industries. 


There are of course opportunities for the leadership / management teams of these associations to undergo team building on occasions, as would any organisational team.


Interactive Games for Associations:


We have a large range of games and activities that have been designed to accelerate the networking process.  Whilst fun and engaging, we have drawn upon solid behavioural and neuroscience research to create some great ‘Trojan Horses’ for some genuine ice-breaking and networking to occur.


Professional Development for Associations:


Our Team DNA and Leadership DNA approaches can be tailored as highly effective Professional Development sessions for association audiences.  Using the world-renowned Belbin Model and engaging interactive presentations, we offer lasting take-away value. Delegates can understand their own behavioural profiles, and learn how to apply the knowledge for themselves, their teams and their industry. 


Team Building for Associations:


Association management and project teams can benefit from our tailored team development and team building approaches. 




















































Evidence-based behavioural insights and profiling


We are highly experienced users (and also the Australian Distributors for) the Belbin Model that is used worldwide by corporate, government, defence and NGO clients.  It provides a robust foundation that is highly credible to professionals, leadership teams and for the exploration of strengths, weaknesses and biases for individuals. 


Director Level Presenters and Experienced Facilitators


We have a talented pool of senior level Sabre facilitators that we draw upon for this type of work. Each of the team that we deploy for this level of programme has at least 20 years of international experience behind them.


These are never ‘off the shelf’ approaches, so please feel free to phone or email us with a brief and we’ll be delighted to respond with options to suit your needs.


Australia and Worldwide 



Interactive Games for Associations
PD Content for Association Meetings
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