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Free Team Building Resources


These PDF documents are great "How To" Guides for those seeking to build, develop and align teams and leaders using the Belbin Team Role theory.


They are very useful for helping to understand the dynamics of teams based on the clusters of behaviour that are unique to each individual within the team. Belbin theory is based upon 9 major clusters of behaviours / Team Roles that can be observed and measured within teams.


When undertaking any team building process this assists people to better understand one another based on both the contributions made by their team roles and the associated weaknesses that will naturally occur alongside those strengths. 


These guides may be used by "Belbin Users" but not modified in any way.  To learn more visit



Team Building Articles


Our blog features many useful articles. These are articles on team building, leadership and development that may prove of interest to those seeking to build teams, develop leaders or implement change.  They are intended for your information and reading pleasure, but please seek our written permission to reproduce them.



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