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Do It Yourself Team Building

Do It Yourself Team Building

Run your own quality team building sessions

Do It Yourself Team Building

Run your own great team building sessions


With a little bit of preparation, and just a dash of motivation, you can easily deliver your own team building sessions.


Of course it helps if the hard work of content development, design work and internationally renowned credibility has already been provided by a global expert in team and leadership development like Belbin.


The Belbin Model is recognised as a global leader in behavioural profiling and these profiles can be easily completed online via your own working account.  There is also a wealth of free resources, handouts, exercises and guides to draw upon.


The experiential / action learning game package “COOPERATE” is another easy to use session builder that provides an hour of great team building activity content, right out of a backpack that comes complete with all props, manuals and de-brief materials.


This game package does not need to be used in tandem with Belbin profiles, but it does help create lasting and ongoing value for teams and leaders if the insights from the profiles are used within a session.


Three exercises to help teams communicate and recognise their different contributions.


Co-operate is perfect for:


         Off-sites and team building sessions;

         Ice breakers;

         Identifying how a team copes and communicates;

         New team development;

         Management development.


Co-operate uses three action-oriented exercises which actively illustrate the most important elements of good teamwork. Successful completion of the tasks depends on effective communication, co-operation and decision-making.


Exercise 1: Team Build

The team is asked to complete a series of shapes on different boards, exchanging pieces as they go, without being able to see each others’ boards. Ultimately, the exercise can only be completed if they sacrifice short-term individual goals for the sake of the team’s achievements.


Exercise 2: Team Rescue

The team is required to form a strategy to rescue a “rocket” within a short timeframe. They must listen for the input of other team members and decide who will be actively involved in the operation.


Exercise 3: Team Write

This exercise is only possible if the team pulls together to work as one. The team must control the writing apparatus supplied to manoeuvre a pen and draw different shapes.


Giving Feedback

Each of the activities draws attention to a different aspect of team dynamics, providing plenty of opportunities for observation and feedback.


Cooperate comes with a facilitator’s guide which includes observation and feedback forms so that observed behaviours can be noted for discussion, whether on a one-to-one basis, or as part of a team building day.




Each exercise requires a team of between four and eight people.  Depending on your requirements, the three exercises can be run simultaneously with three different teams, allowing up to 24 people to take part. Each exercise takes around 20 minutes to complete, and can be followed up with feedback and debrief time as required.

So when planning an off-site and looking for an easy to deploy team building session, or to achieve impact with team and leadership development as a HR or L&D professional, these approaches can really help.


We are also delighted to offer these approaches to other team building providers, as part of Sabre’s great longevity and renown as a provider has come from our ongoing use of Belbin. 


We’ll be delighted to show you how to use it for your clients.


Where do I buy profiles or the game package?


Simply click through to the Belbin shop, or drop us and email and give us a call.



(T) 1300 731 381


(E) Admin@SabreHQ.COM


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