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Team Building for Coffs Harbour by Sabre
Great team building options for Coffs Harbour by Sabre
Team Building Coffs Harbour with an Amazing Race by Sabre

Team Building Coffs Harbour


Sabre designs a wide range of different themes and styles for team events that work brilliantly in and around the Coffs Harbour region whether your aims are purely fun or for longer-term development of people and teams.


We have delivered many styles of event in the Coffs region from fun conference team building to substantial leadership and development programmes.


Coffs boasts great hotels, resorts and indoor and outdoor spaces for events and programmes. Sabre designs many different styles of activity to suit pretty much any site or attraction.


Why not try a Coffs Harbour Amazing Team Race, or a Kon Tiki Boat Build?


If it's the indoors you'd prefer then we have many great indoor concepts such as our Picture Perfect team painting challenge or sophisticated business games such as Battlespace.


For solutions in Coffs we certainly have many different options to choose from, so feel free to let us know we'd like to do and we'll be happy to submit a full proposal and costing for your event.

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