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Team Building for the Blue Mountains

Sabre designs and delivers highly effective team events and programmes in Katoomba, Leura and other locations in the famous Blue Mountains West of Sydney.

The Blue Mountains has some great conference venues such as The Fairmont and the Hydro Majestic.  Over the years Sabre has designed and delivered great team building solutions for clients at virtually all locations around the Mountains


Teams can get out and about to explore with an Amazing Race tailored for the Katoomba or Leura area or perhaps a Kon Tiki Challenge on a resort waterway, we can also use indoor venues for approaches such as Picture Perfect, Battlespace or Diamonds R4 Ever.


Corporate conference clients can engage us to tailor a huge range of options for the indoors or outdoors to suit what the local weather is likely to do.  


If the weather is warm, then out and about can be a great deal of fun to make the most of the beautiful backdrops and vistas afforded by the Blue Mountains (usually a touch cooler than the city also), however in winter, the indoors can often be a far safer call.  It can be rather chilly outdoors at this time of year.


Sabre can assist with interactive games, activities and programmes of all styles to suit any conference, meeting or off site in the Mountains.


In winter especially, team building Blue Mountains has been a challenge due to quite intense cold weather and even snow on some occasions, so our many indoor options have proven very popular. 

Team Building Blue Mountains by Sabre for Queenstown, Auckland and many other locations
Team Building for The Blue Mountains with great tailored outdoor Races and Quests by Sabre
Team Building Blue Mountains with great indoor events like Picture Perfect by Sabre
Team Building Blue Mountains with great outdoor and indoor options

Featured Video: Picture Perfect

Team Challenge

Featured Video: The Belbin Team Role Model

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